Happy Friday Everyone!!

Today I am sharing a few "snapshots" of my week. Between, working with 3 and 4 year olds, to enjoying warm walks and bbqs, I have had a busy week.

Here's a Glimpse Into My Week!

This week I subbed in a Pre-K Classroom and it's one I have been in before and I just love this age. This week we were learning all about Dinosaurs. Here is one of our centers that included fun puzzles and books.

Now these were fun! We used play dough and toy dinosaurs to make eggs. They stuffed some toy dinosaurs in the play dough, made a ball and placed it on some grass. We are letting it harden over the weekend and then they can crack it open. They enjoyed it a lot! 

This week was really nice, perfect for walking. This was a shot of a little side road that I take on my walks in my neighborhood. 

This cute little thing is the house that my in-laws placed on their land. We spent our Memorial Day here and we had a huge BBQ! It was so nice and peaceful up there away from the city life!

Lastly, there were Root Beer Floats! Last night was the hubby's last day off for the week so we indulged in some deliciousness!

I hope you all had a great week and share what you are loving in the comments below!



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