Happy Prom 2015

Today I went to see one of my younger brothers prepare for his Senior Prom!!! WOW, that makes me feel old, I used to change this kid!! Anyways, seeing him get ready made me go through an array of emotions. First and foremost, I am a very proud sister, he has done well and I am so happy for everything that he has accomplished thus far. I know he will only continue to soar as he moves on with the rest of his life. Secondly, I feel like I want a prom makeover! The girls dresses were all so gorgeous and let's face it every girl loves to play dress up. So, I was feeling a bit nostalgic about my own prom. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the pictures and I want to hear about all your prom stories!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!



  1. OMG! You got some great pics!!! Everyone looks great!


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