Hello Everyone!!

Happy Tuesday! For my Top 10 this week I decided to go with a 2 week theme! I will be talking about my Summer Essentials, with it being just around the corner. This week I will discuss my Beauty Essentials and next week will be my fashion pieces. I hope you all enjoy what I will be loving and needing this summer, and feel free to comment below on what your go-to summer essentials are!!

Talk to you soon!


As soon as the warmer weather arrives the first thing I grab in the makeup department is my CoverGirl BB Cream. It's a great foundation to use to transition into summer.  The SPF is higher 
and I feel you have more overall coverage with a BB cream in the summertime. You can use 
any BB cream that fits you, but I have been using the CoverGirl one in shade 805, fair-light.

Another thing that I LOVE to do in the summer time is use nail polishes that are fun, colorful, flirty, and girly!! Essie has me covered with their summer collections. They are all PERFECT!

When it comes to eye shadow in the summer time I always reach for something simple and easy! A shadow I can just swipe on without worrying about anything. Revlon Creme Shadows have done that for me! All I do is swipe a color on and add some mascara, then this girl is ready to go! 

This next item is the MOST IMPORTANT, Sunblock! I don't care what brand you get or use
but please do not forget this summer essential. It is key to keeping our skin safe and radiant all
at the same time!

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and one more HYDRATE! Water is key to our everyday lives but mostly in hot temperatures! There are so many kinds of water out there now that there should be NO problem with getting the water we need each day! Mix it up and add some fruit to your water! Let me know if you have any fun creations!

Chap stick to me is something that I must go EVERYWHERE with, I honestly think my lips have become addicted. I currently use Carmex because it is the only one that I have found to keep my lips moisturized as well as adding a simple shine! It's Perfect!

A great waterproof mascara goes a long way! You know between swimming, crying, laughing, it's always a good call to have a waterproof mascara! There are so many options and brands out there to choose from.

Blush and Bronzer go hand in hand for summer! I feel the two can go together as one! There are tons of gorgeous colors of both out there! Find blushes and bronzers that make your face SCREAM I am ready for SUMMER!

Hair Ties! OMG! I use hair ties 24/7 but especially in the summer when I have had it with my
hair! There are so many cute option out there. We have gone beyond the simple black hair tie.
Take a look!

Lastly, speaking of what to do with our hair, I thought I would share some fun ways to wear your hair up during those hot months!! I found some great ideas via Pinterest!  


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