Hello Friday!! I am so excited that the weekend is FINALLY here! Ready to relax and see my brother prepare for his Senior Prom! I will have a post on all the fabulousness of that this weekend.
Let's get on to my Friday favorites!

1. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration:
 So with summer just around the corner I have to tell you about this product.
I discovered this product from Carrie Rad, you can check her YouTube channel out here.
This stuff is amazing! Its perfect for applying after being in the sun all day!
 It's soothing because it has Aloe in it and it smells amazing! Definitely
check it out!!

2. CoverGirl Outlast Nail Polishes! I have always been a fan of these polishes, but since spring and summer has arrived I have been OBSESSED with the coral colors!

3. It's All Relative! I have always loved Leah Remini but her new show "It's All Relative" will have you laughing so hard you could literally pee your pants, no joke! Check out a clip here.

4. Strawberry Salad! I just kind of came up with this recipe on a whim, but I have been loving it! It taste amazing!

5. Target Sandals! Target has really stepped it up this year in the shoe department. There are so many sandals that I LOVE but I just can't seem to pick just one! Here are a few of my favorites!

Thank you everyone for checking out my favorites this week! Leave a comment below on what you are loving this week!



  1. I'll have to check out that show. I love sitcoms!


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