My Go-To Hair Products

Hello Everyone! I am linking up with Andrea and my sister Lisa to discuss our favorite hair products. I have somewhat long hair so I tend to go straight for the top knot or the pony tails. Then their are times that I love to have some bounce to my hair so I add some curls and then I need add a straightener to the mix. I guess it just depends on the day! So here is a peak into what all goes into my hair routine!

1. Dove Advanced Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

This has been my go to for awhile now. I have had so many issues with my hair looking greasy, being too tangly and just not looking healthy. Then I discovered this lovely duo! It is AMAZING! My hair looks and feels wonderful, it has a great shine too it and it is pretty manageable. This girl isn't go back!

2. TRESemme Heating Spray

This product is a MUST HAVE when using a curling iron, hair dryer and a straightener. It protects my hair from all the heat damage that I would be getting if I didn't use some form of heat protectant.

3. Remington Pink Curling Wand

This iron is amazing! Once you get a hang of how to use it you will love it! It curls so easily and the end result it gorgeous, bouncy curls. I cant live without this thing. The best thing about it is that I got it for $20.00 on Amazon! 

4. Chi Straightener

This straightener is the best way for me to get the perfect sleek look! Now there is definitely cheaper versions out there at your local drugstore, but they all work the same.

5. Suave Luxe Infusion Hair Products

These products are a new discovery for me and I just LOVE them! They are inexpensive and they work wonders. I have the hairspray and it is amazing. I definitely want to check out the other products.

That is everything folks! I hope you will join Andrea, Lisa and I as we share our favorite hair products! Have a great night!



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