Happy Father's Day

Hi Everyone! Happy Father's Day To All The Dads Out There! Today my husband and I hosted a BBQ for our family, unfortunately my dad was unable to attend because he lives in Tennessee, but we were thinking of him. Did I mention how much WORK it is to host a BBQ??? I mean I really enjoyed having every one here but I am exhausted. Anyways, here is a glimpse into our Sunday!! I hope you all had an amazing day with your dad and your families!!
Talk to you soon,


 It's All In the Details

Loved Using Fresh Lettuce From Our Garden

Getting Our Grill On

Dinner Is Served

How Adorable is this Cake????

The Dogs Even Had Fun

Hanging Out


  1. Ok the food looks amazing! Jack absolutely over to garden so he will have a great time looking at what you have growing in your garden and the cake was precious! Love you! See you in 3 days!


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