Hi Guys! Happy Tuesday Everyone!
This week for my Top 10 I wanted to introduce you to 10 Instagram Accounts that you have to follow, if your not already. I have to admit I am definitely one of those people who uploads selfies, ootd's, food, and anything else that may come to mind to my Instagram feed. But, along the way I have discovered some amazing accounts. Just take a look and let me know who you follow on Instagram in the comments below!

Talk to you soon,


1. Target Does It Again

These two girls post all the latest and greatest products that are at Target! For me, this is a must! It is a great way to see what Target currently has in their stores!

2. Gianna Nouveau aka NOUVEAUCHEAP

This girl lives in San Diego, CA and she is a beauty blogger who focuses exclusively on affordable cosmetics. She will post when all the sales are happening on numerous beauty products, defiantly 
worth checking out.


This girl is where I get a lot of my style inspiration, she is like a Pinterest board all on her own. She posts the cutest ootd's, nails, and gorgeous home decor! 

4. Danielle aka SHOPDANDY

Danielle, a boutique owner an style blogger has the cutest Instagram account. The best thing about her account is if you sign up to LiketoKnowIt you can shop her outfits right from your email box. Another great one for outfits, nails, and everything else that deal with fashion and style! 

5. The Food Network

I simply follow The Food Network because I love to cook and bake and I seriously get daily doses of great recipes!! 


Maureen is this super cute fashion blogger, mom, and wife who literally has the best outfits. I was just scouring Pinterest one day and clicked on an outfit and and it linked to her site. I haven't left since, and now she is pregnant, with her second child, and she posts the most faboulous maternity outfits.

7. Sunny Anderson

Sunny Anderson is a food network star, author, smiler, and a veteran people! Her latest endeavor is the food network's show, "The Kitchen", which she is great on by the way! But her Instagram feed is marvelous! She posts funny videos, great shots of food, and just pictures that will make you smile!

8. Old Navy

I just added Old Navy to my account and I just love it! They post outfits and products that you can just link up to in their profile! 

9. Tiffani Thiessen

I am a fan of Tiffani Thiessen so this is why she is on my list of favorites, but I am sure there are plenty of celebrities that people follow. I love her account because she posts wholesome shots that make you feel, hey they are just like us!!

10. Cleaneatz

This account is perfect for healthy choice inspiration! It's a great way to see on a daily basis how to live your life in a healthy way!!


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