Hi Guys!

I recently have been seeing some amazing trailers for upcoming movies and I wanted to share with you the ones I am super excited to see. I would love hear about what you are anxious to hit up in the theaters this summer as well!

So, I have always been a person who LOVES scary movies. Not movies that contain complete gore, but films that put you at the edge of your seat. My husband and I also enjoy military movies and films that are based on true stories. I, personally, am a sucker for romantic comedies or just movies that make you grateful to be in love. You know.... the movies that you make say AWWWWWW!!

So here we go.....

1. MAX

This movie is a definite for my husband and I, it has animals and the military. I feel like this is going to be a great one to watch.

2. Insidious 3

I seen both of the Insidious movies and  I can't wait to see the final chapter!

3. Spy

How can you NOT go see a movie with Melissa McCarthy? Remember Bridesmaids??

4. The Longest Ride

I make sure that I drag my husband to every Nicholas Sparks film. He surprisingly has enjoyed them as much as I did, I am sure this one will have the same result.

Well that is it for this post everyone! I hope you grab the hubby or wife or some friends and check some of these films out! 



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