Top Ten YouTubers

Hello Everyone!
For this week's Top 10 I wanted to share TEN YouTubers that I love watching and have learned a lot from. They always keep me updated on the latest beauty items, trends, and now even home decor, which I love! These are girls that I watch on a regular basis so I want you to know that I am not just dropping names here, I truly want you to check them out and see what you think! I am sure you will love them just as much as I do!

So here we go......

1. FancyThatWithCandice (Find her here)
Candice is this sweet, kind, bubbly, fun, loving person. She talks about beauty, reviews, tutorials and lifestyle in her videos. I literally can't wait to watch her videos because she is just FUN! She isn't too serious and you can tell she just enjoys doing YouTube! Candice is also one that always responds to you, which I think is so genuine of her!  She is definitely one of the great ones!

2. ThatsHeart (Find her here)
Heart is this fun girl who always has a smile on her face and is always ready to report the best fashion and beauty trends. She does great get ready with me videos, hauls, product collection, home decor, and my favorite is her VLOGS! They are the best!

3. MissJenFABULOUS (Find her here)
I initially started watching Jen's channel for her nail tutorials because let's face it I am OBSESSED with everything nails, but then her channel grew. She now does beauty/fashion, DIY's, and tutorials. She also has a great VLOG channel as well that you can find here.

4. Carrie Rad (Find her here)
I heard about Carrie through another YouTuber and she was actually hesitant about starting her own channel. You know how we all feel when we start new things, but she was brave and decided to push forward. Man, am I glad she did! She has a great personality, she is so sweet to her subscribers and her videos range from hauls, vlogs, and my favorite, her LookBooks! They are just stunning!

5. JAMbeauty89 (Find her here)
Jessica Murphy was actually recommended to me by a friend and I was so happy she mentioned her to me. I immediately subscribed and haven't regret it since. Jessica is a teacher so I know she is super busy, but she always has videos up without fail, I love that about her! Her focus is makeup reviews, demos,  hauls, unboxings and a little bit of lifestyle as well. She is very sweet and welcoming and I am sure you will enjoy her just as much as I do!

6. Ingrid Nilsen (Find her here)
I have been watching Ingrid for quite some time and I have always enjoyed her videos. Her focus is beauty, fashion, healthy food, how to's and everything else in between. She recently posted a video about being gay and I thought it was incredibly brave of her. I am so happy that now she can "give herself the best chance" Ingrid Nilsen.

7. RachhLoves (Find her here)
Rachel is this fun, quirky, happy girl who creates videos that just amaze me everyday. She really is quite artistic with her channel. Her videos discuss beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with a touch of sass! They are great and I have found some wonderful products through her channel!

8. Fleur Deforce (Find her here)
Fleur is simply AMAZING! Between her accent, her style and her personality she is the perfect YouTuber! Her focus is on beauty, fashion, tutorials, and a little bit of Lifestyle! She also just came out with a new book entitled, "Fleur Deforce, The Glam Guide", you can buy it here. I just love everything about this girl!

9. Danna Ann (Find her here)
Danna is this cute mommy with the greatest fashion and beauty sense! She focuses on mostly beauty products and I love that about her. She also has great hair tutorials, love her hair btw! She definitely has a lot to offer in her channel and is worth checking out.

10. MakeupByTiffanyD (Find her here)
I have been watching Tiffany for years. She really has progressed lovely since her beginning days. Her channel focuses on makeup, fashion, decor, hauls, and tutorials. I feel she has a little bit of everything.  She recently had a baby girl and during the pregnancy she did vlogs once a week. I thought it was a great way to document her pregnancy and it was cool to watch all the experiences she went through. 

Thanks Everyone! I hope you enjoy your Tuesday and let me know if there is anyone that you love watching!



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