Friday Favorites!

Hi Everyone! TGIF! I honestly can't believe it's July already, where is the Summer going??? I mean I love the Fall Season, but I feel like these summer months are flying by! Let's try to enjoy whats left of the season. Anyways, I am here with my Friday Favorites. I have gathered a few things that I have been loving this week.

Take A Look!


Favorite New Design (via Bath and Body Works)

Favorite Beauty Item (via Ipsy)

Favorite Go-To-Person (My Sister Lisa)
Let me first give a shout out to my sister, Lisa! My husband and I have been struggling to have a baby for almost two years now and one of my biggest supporters has been my sister. I honestly can say that as we grew older in age I have found that we have grown closer as sisters. We have been there for each other for the good and bad times and there is no one else on this earth that I would want to call my sister. Leese, I LOVE you and truly respect you as a sister, mother, and friend. You mean so much to me and I can't wait for the day that our kids play together. 

Favorite Mantra

Favorite Tune (via Maddie and Tae: Fly)


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