Tuesday Ten: What I'm Grateful For

As I begin to look back at this year, thus far, and remember all the different circumstances I have been through, I started to realize just how much I am grateful for. The hubby and I have been through a difficult time and we are slowly working through it. This, among other things, has allowed me to really think about the people in my life and the things that I am grateful for. So I wanted to take this week's Top 10 and discuss all the things that make this girl feel truly grateful!

1. My Amazing, Supportive Husband

2. My Favorite Companion

3. Being Called Auntie

4. Our Home Town

5. My Health 

6. My Relationship with my Father

7. My Sister

8. My Education

9.  My Family

10. A Great Hair Stylist

What Are You Grateful For?




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