Show and Tell Tuesday: Back To School Edition

Hi Everyone! Today I am linking up with Andrea and sharing our Back To School Traditions. Now my post may differ from other bloggers because I don't have children going back to school, but I will be heading back to school to work on my Masters Degree. I also am preparing for another year of Subbing which keeps me pretty busy as well. So I thought for this post I would share my favorite back to school essentials as a student and as a substitute teacher. I also wanted to share some outfit ideas for the new school year. I hope you all head over to Andrea's blog and participate in the link-up. I look forward to seeing how you all prepare for Back To School, in whatever capacity it may be for you!

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My Back To School Essentials....

The Perfect Bag!
A bag is a MUST for me, it's something that I basically carry my life in while in class and subbing. I usually have my wallet, my sub folder, pens, pencils, notebooks, and a few snacks! You can find this one here, and I also find some affordable ones here and here.

A Cute Lunch Tote & Water Bottle
I have been loving Lauren Conrad's XO(ECO) line where you can find this lovely tote along with other great products.

This can be a mix of many things but usually consists of the typical school supplies. 

After subbing for a year already I have realized just how important stickers are to elementary students! I have learned to keep plenty on hand!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some outfits I have been loving! Perfect for fall and perfect for the Teaching Profession!!


  1. I love the lunch tote! and those outfits are perfect! Happy back to school!:)

  2. Hi Claire,
    Yes, I love the tote too! I actually got a blue polka dot tote from her line and I love it!


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