Show and Tell Tuesday: Where Were you on 9/11

Hi Everyone! As we slowly approach the anniversary of 9/11 I begin to think about all the loss that we suffered as a country, and I wanted to share alongside with Andrea, where I was on this very tragic day! 

I remember distinctively where I was on the morning of 9/11. I was actually still living at home and we were all in the kitchen having breakfast and watching ABC news. It was like every other morning in our household, getting some breakfast, taking the dogs out, and just morning conversations. Then I was literally standing by our little TV set-up in the kitchen and I was watching the anchors broadcast the daily news and I see the first airplane coming from a distance. My first initial reaction was..."what is that plane doing?", "is this really happening?" Then the first plane hit and I was convinced it was an accident and somehow this plane crashed into the Trade Center. So my family's first reaction was OMG, a plane just crashed, but we all assumed it was an accident.

Then the second plane hit the building. Then I began to feel frightened and unaware of what was really going on. I watched the news anchors in disbelief and I just couldn't take my eyes of the screen.  I was thinking, "is this really happening?" "What is going on?" From that moment on my family and I watched the news with just utter sadness and confusion. As the day went on you begin to see all the stories of the lost loved ones and it was just heartbreaking. You hear and see what people had to go through to make it out of the buildings and then the ones that tried and failed. I remember just sobbing my eyes out and just thinking that this can't be happening. It is so unreal and unimaginable and I never thought I would be witnessing something like this. 

As the days progressed the stories became even more devastating and it was unbearable to hear and see. I just immediately wanted to do something to help, anything, just to lend a hand or offer words of hope or guidance but I knew that the people affected by this tragedy were a long way from recovery. 

I felt as an American of this great country it was my duty to support my fellow people in any way that I can. So from that day on I have always been supportive of this country and  I make a point to remember all those we have lost on 9/11's anniversary as well as every other day. As Americans we need to support our troops and we need to stick together. As a county we need to be a united front and present a strong and hopeful nation. 

I hope to one day visit the 9/11 memorial and take the time to properly remember all those that we have lost.

So as we approach 9/11's anniversary take the time to remember all those that we have lost on this day and pray for all the families that have lost so much!


  1. Wow, I can't even imagine what it must have been like to see the planes hit and know it was happening live. We didn't get word until the pentagon was attacked, and at that point WTC had already been hit. The memorial is amazing, I hope you do get to visit it someday.
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)


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