Tuesday Ten: New Fall Shows

Hi! I don't know about all of you but I absolutely love everything about the Fall Season! Amongst all the decor, pumpkin treats, and scary movies, I also look forward to all the new shows that begin. Of course, I will be tuning in to my faves that were on a hiatus over the summer, but I am also excited to catch some of the new shows and movies that will be starting. So, this week I am going to share with you seven new shows and three films that I am excited about. 

Let me know what shows you are excited for!



1. Code Black via CBS
This show is based on the documentary Code Blackis, a medical drama which is set in the most notorious ER in the nation.  In this drama, the staff have limited resources and time which makes for interesting television. I have seen the trailer a couple times and it just looks riveting! It seems like it is going to be a "on the edge of your seat" show!

2. The Muppets via ABC
Yes, I said The Muppets! This time around it's more for the adults. This show will take a look at the personal lives of Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the gang! It should be very cute!!

3. People Are Talking via NBC
This great comedy stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who I loved in Saved by the Bell, and it is about two sets of friends that are also neighbors. They share their day-to-day life happenings and it looks really cute and funny!

4. Quantico via ABC
This is an intense drama about newly trained FBI employees and amongst them all there is a hidden terrorist planning a very monumental attack! I have seen the trailer and it looks really good!

5. Shades of Blue via NBC
Who doesn't love Jennifer Lopez?? I actually saw this advertised via her Instagram account and I have been excited ever since. Jennifer stars in this drama that is made up of a group of detectives who are effective but corrupt! Her character has to make some difficult decisions pertaining to her life and her career. This should be a good one!

6. Scream Queens via FOX
This show caters to my love of everything scary and the cast is just exceptional! It stars Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle, Nick Jonas, and lots of other stars! The show is a horror-comedy based on a sorority that is haunted by a serial killer. 

7. The Catch via ABC
This is another show that I am super pumped to see! It stars Mireille Enos and Bethany Joy Lenz and it is about (Enos's) character who plays a fraud investigator who catches con men and then she realizes that she has fallen victim to the ultimate con!

8. The Visit 
I can't wait for this movie to come out in a couple of weeks. It looks so scary and creepy. It is about a single mother who sends her two children to their grandparents, and let's just say weird things start happening!

9. The Perfect Guy
This movie is about a newly-single successful lobbyist played by Sanaa Lathan, who jumps into a new relationship that turns out to be more than what she had bargained for! 

10. Sinister 2
This movie is about a young mother and her two sons who move into a house that is marked for death!


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