Sock Bun Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! As promised I am here to share with you my "Sock Bun Tutorial"! I love sock buns because you can add it to so many of your looks. I love to wear it to work out and to go out, it definitely is a versatile hair style! Sorry about the picture quality guys, I was on my own with this one!

So here we go!

All the products that I will be using will be listed below!

7. Donut for your hair or you can make a homemade one from a sock

I first like to start with day old hair because it just seems to work better because your hair is more textured. I then brush my hair out and add some dry shampoo just to give your hair a little more lift for the bun.

After adding dry shampoo get a hair tie and place all of your hair into a ponytail. It can vary on where you place it on your head. I like to place the pony high because I always like my buns right on top. Totally your own personal preferecne!

 Then you tease away at that pony! Just try to get all the ends so it has a lot of volume for your bun!

Once that is completed you are going to place your donut right through your pony so it's resting on your head. Then pull it up and start rolling it down through the pony tail.

Then you should arrive with something looking like this! I always mess with it a bit in
order to get it the way I want it. You can also add bobby pins to hold pieces in place.

 Now it's time to spray that bun! Just give it a nice amount so that you will
survive the day! I sometimes like to add a bow to it too for something cute!


  1. Love it! You make that look so easy, too. Thank you for sharing!


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