Tuesday Ten: Decorating Your Pumpkin

Hi Guys! It is so close to Halloween and I am really excited about it. Every year I am usually home with Patriot handing out candy and watching Scary Movies. This year Gregg is home and he will be carving our H U G E Pumpkin and joining in with handing out the goods! This week I wanted to share with you ten unique ideas to use when you go to decorate your pumpkin! 
I also wanted to share with you Tiffani Thiessen's Pumpkin Decorating Tips, you can find them here on her amazing blog!
I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween and I would love to see your costumes and traditions!



1. Bows and Buttons

2. Thumbtack Anyone?

3. Buttons and Things

4. Decorate with Ribbon

5. Paint and Stencil

6. Drill A Hole

7. Glitter That Pumpkin

8. Make A Character

9. Pumpkins and Mums

10. Be Traditional and Carve


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