Tuesday Ten: LBD

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Ten! This week I wanted to share with you my favorite LBD aka Little Black Dress outfit ideas for Fall!  The Little Black  Dress has and always will be that classic piece in your closet that you can always pull out and style according to the season. First I will list a few options on where you can purchase your LBD and then I will list my favorite outfit ideas! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far and I will see you tomorrow for Share-A-Chef Wednesdays!!!



Options here, here, & here

1. Layering

2. Black & Flannel

3.  It's All About the Accesories 

4. Black & Leopard

5. Edgy

6. Fall Colors

7. Classic aka My Fav!

8. Denim on Black

9. Simplicity

10. Black & Red


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