Tuesday Ten: My Favorite Halloween Costumes

Hey Everyone! This week on Tuesday Ten I wanted to share with you my favorite Halloween Costumes! Now in the past I was able to dress up every year because I worked at a daycare center and we always had Halloween celebrations. Now that I am subbing I don't think that it will be an option, but there is always staying home and dressing up with Patriot! Anyways, I wanted to show you some costumes that I have seen that I have been dying to try out!

What are you dressing up as?



1. Tooth Fairy via LaurenConrad

2. Flapper via LaurenConrad

3. Mermaid via LaurenConrad

4. Indian Costume

5. Alice in Wonderland

6. Greek Goddess

7. Little Red Riding Hood

8. Minnie Mouse

9. Scarecrow

10. Simple Witch


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