Tuesday Ten: Thanksgiving Fashion

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are getting ready for the big Turkey Day that is coming up very soon. I think I will be spending the holiday with the hubby and the pooch and then celebrating with family a couple days later. I am so excited to do some cooking and to spend some quality time with the ones I love. 

This week for Tuesday Ten I wanted to share with you some fashion ideas for the big day! Now, personally for me I ALWAYS reach for comfort over fashion or style simply because I know there will be tons of eating going on, BUT with that being said it is still nice to have options. So, here are a few ideas that would look super fabulous for Thanksgiving!

What will you be wearing for the holiday?

1. Flowy and Comfy

 2. Mixing Patterns

3.  Neutrals

4. Add A Fun Scarf

5. Dress & Leggings

6. Poncho

7. Red

 8. Be Festive

 9. Classy and Comfortable

10. Simple


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