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My Top Ten Christmas Movie List🎄

Hello Everyone! I hope all you are having a great week so far, I can't believe Christmas is this weekend! Time sure goes by fast! I wanted to get on here and share with you my ten favorite christmas movies that I always watch during the holidays! Movies that I have purchased and then ones I have seen on Hallmark, my go-to channel once Halloween is over! Is anyone else addicted to Hallmark as much as I am during the holidays??
Here we go!!
Let me know your favorites in the comments below!
Happy Holidays!
1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

2. Four Christmases

3. Elf

4. The Family Stone

5. Christmas with the Kranks

6. Home Alone

7. One Starry Christmas

8. Finding Christmas

9. MatchMaker Santa

10. A Cookie Cutter Christmas

Guys Gift Guide

Well I am back with my final gift guide, this one is for the special men in our lives! I hope all of you enjoyed my first two gift guides, I actually used a couple ideas for my own shopping! Now, I tend to have a bit more trouble shopping for the guys in my life, but I will do my best! Let me know in the comments what you buy for the special men in your lives!
Talk to you soon,
1. A New Watch This is actually what I got Gregg this year, SHHHH! There are tons of options of watches out there, it just depends what you want to spend!

2. Cologne Again, this is another item that you can either go high or low on in price! 

3. Sport or Concert Tickets If the guys in your life are big entertainment fans you can purchase them tickets for the new year!

4. Clothes Lord knows sometimes our men need new clothes but are just too stubborn to purchase any.  I like to get really cozy shirts or flannels for the hubby! This one is from Old Navy, find it here!

5. Gift Cards Sometimes when all else fails BUY a gift …

Gift Guide for Her

Hey Guys! I am back with my second round of my gift guide posts! Today I will be featuring gifts that you can purchase for that special lady in your life! With so many great women in all of our lives, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, teacher, neighbor, and don't forget yourself, you want to make all of them feel extra special! 
Here are some ideas!
1. BaubleBar Jewelry I am telling you BaubleBar is on their game this holiday season. They are currently having their 12 days of gifts and they range from 10-15 dollars and FREE SHIPPING! Check it out here!

2. Pajamas These are from Victoria Secret but there are so many options for PJs. Check out here and here!

3. Perfume I am in love with Jennifer Aniston's perfume but there are so many options out there! Find her's here!

4. Candle I have heard good things about these Soy candles from Target!  Did I mention they are only $5.00?? You can find them here!

5. Handbag I just love this handbag, it's neutral and it goes with everything! Find it…

My Newest Obsession

Hey Guys! I wanted to get on here and share with you my love of The Happy Planner! I started planning a month ago and I have always been a very organized person and have had things laid out for myself just because I have always been that way, but this new hobby is so much more fun!
I started with purchasing the Happy Planner from Michaels! I then began gathering stickers, washi tape and tons of fun weekly kits from Etsy! My current favorite shop is NikkiPlusThree which will be the shop I am featuring today!
With this planner I can be as creative and as organized as I want which I so desperately need now that Lilly has arrived. With shops via Etsy and Michaels the choices are unlimited! Etsy also has a variety of shops where you can purchase clips for your weekly plans! There are some really cute ones out there!
So, here are a few pictures of the stickers I have gathered so far and the link for my favorite Etsy Shop! 
I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments if  you are into planni…

Baby Gift Guide

Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays! For this month I wanted to do three Gift Guides for you all, as well as myself! I want to start out with a baby gift guide and then I will do a girls and guys guide! I would love to hear all of your ideas for the holidays on all three of the categories! I figured I would start with a Baby Gift Guide because of Lilly, so here we go!
Please leave your ideas in the comments below!

Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack : $5.99

Teethers : $4.29

Pull and Play Highchair or Bath Toys: $4.99

Baby's First Ornament: $12.99 via Mark and Graham

Pajamas : $15.99 via Target

December Goals

Hello and Happy December! Today I wanted to welcome all of you to a Brand New Month and whole new beginning for us all! I feel that with any new start whether it's a new month or new year it gives us a chance to reflect upon the time that has passed and move forward with bigger and better goals! So, with that being said I wanted to get on here and share with you my December Goals!
With a new baby, a holiday coming up and everything else in between it is sometimes hard to keep your goals at bay but I am going to try my very best.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

1. Exercise More I really want to get on the exercise bandwagon and push up my number walks to a higher level!  It not only is a stress reliever for me it helps my body as well! 

2. Venturing Out with New Recipes I really want to try some new holiday recipes for Christmas and to just have in my recipe collection! Any ideas anyone??

3. Be More Present Sometimes you just need a break from social media! 

4. Start New Traditions with Lilly We de…

Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday Everyone! How many of  you are going out shopping today? I will be with my mother and baby Lilly, we go only on Friday because we refuse to shop on Thanksgiving, honestly that day should be about FAMILY and not shopping! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. 
This week I am sharing a variety of things that I have been loving!
Linking up with Andrea & Christie!
Happy Shopping & Be Careful Out There

Favorite Etsy Shops Nikki Plus Three

Planning Zen

Favorite DIY Neighbor Gift via

Favorite Words

Show & Tell Tuesday!

Hello! Today I am linking up with Whitney and my sister Lisa over at Pork Chop and Possum for Show & Tell Tuesday featuring our Christmas Want, Need, Wear and Read list! 
I actually was just reading about this idea via my Parents Magazine and I think it is a great idea to keep yourself and your shopping list on point! 
Here is my list!!
Hope you all join along!

Planner Stickers I have been OBSESSED lately with planning and I am in love with NikkiPlusThree's shop on Etsy!

Leggings When I was pregnant I was always in leggings with dresses or skirts but for the most part leggings! I am in desperate need of a new basic pair of black leggings! 

Pajamas I would love some cute TARGET pajamas for Christmas and if I can matching ones for Lilly, SCORE!

I am not much of a reader but I have heard about some great books out there that I would love to try.

What I Am Thankful For!

Hello Everyone! I am here with another post on all the things I am grateful for! It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few short days away but it got me thinking about everything in this world that I am grateful for! So I hope that all of you take a moment this week and remember what means the most to you and what you are most grateful for! 
So without further ado,  here we go! 

1. My Beautiful Daughter Lilly
If there was anything in this world that my husband and I were more grateful this year
it is our precious Lilly! She is our little miracle and I can't imagine our lives without her!

2. My Husband I am thankful for my husband who is my best friend who loves me unconditionally. He is my rock and I know that I can always count on him to take care of Lilly and I!

3. Family From my little new family to everyone in between I can't think of a better set of family members that I would rather have in my corner! Thank you all for always supporting and loving me no matter what!