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Friday Favorites!

Hello to Another Friday! How are you guys doing?? I am so happy to be staying home today and  hanging out the with hubby! I don't know if many of you saw my last post about our pregnancy, but I am currently 14 weeks and 5 days! I am so excited to be finally out of the 1st trimester and slowly I am beginning to feel better. We are so grateful to finally be pregnant and I will share all the fun moments along the way! 
Here are some things I have been enjoying this week!
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Have A Great Weekend!

Favorite Words

Favorite Nursery Colors

Favorite Hairstyle

Favorite Human

Our Journey To Pregnancy!

Hi Everyone! I have to admit that when I decided to do this post, I was torn because I wasn't sure if I really wanted our personal story out there. Then I realized that because of this process I became very conscious of many others that have gone through what we have and if anything, I hope our story gives hope to others going through Infertility! So, here we go! 
This is our S T O R Y!
As a little girl I have always envisioned myself as a mother. I remember as a child playing with my cabbage patch doll, "Prina Hannah" and just always having her by my side. She was my kid and I played with her for quite some time. Then when I had little brothers my sister and I played a huge part in helping raise them. I so enjoyed feeding them, putting them to sleep, holding them, and just being around them. I really felt like I had mother instincts at a very young age. 
As I jump ahead I find myself marrying my best friend and starting a life together. Now we are very traditional and we w…

Friday Favorites

Hello! We have made it to another Friday! Yay! Well I am anxiously awaiting this so-called snow storm that is about to hit the northeast in the next 12 hours or so. I am not sure how bad we are going to get it here in Upstate NY, but we shall see! Looks like a weekend indoors, which I don't mind at all! Here are a few things that I have been in love with this week!
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Favorite Maxi

Favorite Hair Color

Favorite Human

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New At The Drugstore!

Hello Everyone! One of the great things about a 3 day weekend is that Wednesday is always arriving a tad bit sooner and I love that! So for this week's post I wanted to share with you some of the new products that have come out at the drugstore. Some I have tried and others I am anxiously awaiting to try. So, today I will share with you some of my favorites so far and let you know about the ones that I have tried. I found most of my new products at Walgreens and Walmart!


1. CoverGirl's trunaked palettes in Nudes, Goldens, & Roses
I have yet to try these palettes but I have heard mixed reviews. I will 
have to check them out for myself. They are supposed to be compared to
the Urban Decay Palettes! 
Have you guys tried these yet?

2. Wet n Wild Highlighting and Concealing Pen This product I did try and was super excited to use a drugstore concealer but I was highly disappointed. After using the product I noticed at the end of the day that where I applied the canceler I was …

Friday Favorites

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! I am so happy that it is a three day weekend and I hope all of you have something fun planned. For me, I think I will be relaxing and spending some time with the hubby and pooch! Anyways, getting on with my Friday Favorites, here are a few things that I have been loving this week! 
Comment below on what YOU have been loving!
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Favorite Makeup Look

Favorite New Show via Shades of Blue

Favorite Human via Jana Kramer

Favorite Song via Sam Hunt: Come Over

Golden Globes Fashion

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today I wanted to do a post on all of my favorite looks from the Golden Globes! I don't know if any of you watched this past Sunday, but the FASHION was out of this world! I always look forward to Award Season simply for the Fashion but I also love to see my favorite actors in their glory! So, without further ado, here are the looks that I just fell in love with!
I would love to know if you watched and what looks were your favorites!!
Talk to you soon,

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. Gina Rodriguez

3. Sophia Bush

4. Kate Hudson

5. Amy Adams

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I have missed you all so much and I hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful holiday season. I just wanted to get on here and give you all a little B L O G update since the new year has finally arrived. 
First, and foremost, I am going to be realistic with myself and only commit to blogging twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays! I feel that this is a goal that I can stick to with the busyness of life and all that it entails. I will be continuing my Friday Favorites because I absolutely love doing those posts and I love hearing feedback from you guys on what you have loved each week. My Wednesday post will vary between fashion, beauty, or cooking posts. There also  may be an occasional post about whats going on in my life. So, still sticking to what this blog is about  Fashion, Beauty, & Life!
I hope all of you stick around and continue this journey with me and I am excited to see what the new year brings!! My first post will be next Wednes…