Valentine's Day Fashion❤️

Hello Everyone! Are you all ready for Spring? Apparently, the groundhog didn't see it's shadow so Spring is on it's way! This week I wanted to share with you some great ideas for Valentine's Day Outfits. On my end I will be dragging my hubby to see The Choice, another great Nicholas Sparks movie, and  then probably dinner. My outfit of choice will be something cozy that is comfortable on baby bean, I am thinking leggings and a fun, festive top!

What are all of your plans for Valentine's Day??

Which outfit is your favorite? I am going with # 3!

Sending Hugs and Kisses,


1. Simple and Casual

      2. Hearts

 3. Leggings and A Fancy Top

 4. A Pop of Color

 5. A Bit Fancy!


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