Life Update & Friday Favorites!

Hello Everyone! I first want to apologize for my recent absence, we have had so much going on that it was really difficult to keep the blog up to date! The hubby and I had to travel out of town for Gregg's surgery and the recovery process was a bit taunting for the both of us. All is well now, and we are slowly get back to our normal. Other news that we are happy to share is that we are having  A GIRL!! We could not be more excited and grateful to have this beautiful blessing come into our lives in July! Of course I have been shopping for her like crazy and I need to pace myself, but you could imagine how much fun it is to shop for a brand new baby girl!!

So, that is our update and I want you all to know that the blog will be up and running as usual and I thank you all for being so patient and supportive of the blog and the ups and downs of my life. I really appreciate all of YOU! 

This week I will be sharing my Easter Favorites! We are actually heading to a family dinner this Sunday and I hope all of you are able to spend time with your loved ones!!

Again, thank you and I will talk to you all very soon!!



Favorite Easter Centerpiece

Favorite Easter Dress

Favorite Easter Cake

Favorite Easter Candy


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