Gift Guide for Her

Hey Guys! I am back with my second round of my gift guide posts! Today I will be featuring gifts that you can purchase for that special lady in your life! With so many great women in all of our lives, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, teacher, neighbor, and don't forget yourself, you want to make all of them feel extra special! 

Here are some ideas!

1. BaubleBar Jewelry
I am telling you BaubleBar is on their game this holiday season.
They are currently having their 12 days of gifts and they range from
10-15 dollars and FREE SHIPPING! Check it out here!

2. Pajamas
These are from Victoria Secret but there are so many options
for PJs. Check out here and here!

3. Perfume
I am in love with Jennifer Aniston's perfume but
there are so many options out there! Find her's here!

4. Candle
I have heard good things about these Soy candles from Target! 
Did I mention they are only $5.00??
You can find them here!

5. Handbag
I just love this handbag, it's neutral and it goes with everything!
Find it here!

6. DIY Gifts
These gifts you can really go crazy with! All you have to do is hop on
over to Pinterest and search DIY's in the categories that your loved ones
like! For example, someone who loves, reading, coffee, spa, nails, movies!
I will show some below!


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