Guys Gift Guide

Well I am back with my final gift guide, this one is for the special men in our lives! I hope all of you enjoyed my first two gift guides, I actually used a couple ideas for my own shopping! Now, I tend to have a bit more trouble shopping for the guys in my life, but I will do my best! Let me know in the comments what you buy for the special men in your lives!

Talk to you soon,



1. A New Watch
This is actually what I got Gregg this year, SHHHH! There are tons of options of watches out
there, it just depends what you want to spend!

2. Cologne
Again, this is another item that you can either go high or low on in price! 

3. Sport or Concert Tickets
If the guys in your life are big entertainment fans you can purchase them
tickets for the new year!

4. Clothes
Lord knows sometimes our men need new clothes but are just too stubborn to purchase any. 
I like to get really cozy shirts or flannels for the hubby! This one is from Old Navy, find it here!

5. Gift Cards
Sometimes when all else fails BUY a gift card, it is so much easier when you can't think of anything else!


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