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Friday Favorites Mother's Day Edition

Hello Again! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! I am so happy the weather is starting to finally look up and I am hoping for a nice day for Mother's Day! Speaking of Mother's Day I wanted to make this week's favorites a tribute to all the moms out there that are so special to me and have made a HUGE impact on myself as I became of mom for first time 9 months ago! So for all of you, you know who you are, THANK YOU! As for every other mother out there that is killing it every day either as a SAHM or a Working mom we all owe you a huge amount of appreciation and love for doing what you do and doing it the best way you know how!! #momsrule

Happy Mother's Day Everyone

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First Favorite Mom is my MOM! Thank you mom for all that you have 
done for me! You are such a great mother and grandmother to our little family! I love you very much!

My Sister aka SuperMom
Lisa I love you and you truly give me envy when it comes to #MomLife! You are an amazing mother and I continue to learn from you every day! Thank you for always bringing me calm when I am about to loose it! 

 My Step-Mom Christina
Christina I just want to say Thank You for simply being YOU! You have 
always been the greatest person to my little family and I am so proud to call
you family! Love ya!

Favorite Blogger Mommy aka Lauren McBride
Thank You Lauren for always being there with sound advice on mommy hood! 
I am sure I contacted you WAY too much but I really do appreciate all your
advice and encouragement!

Lastly but not least is myself! I am so HAPPY to finally call myself a mother!
Lilly has truly given my life meaning in a completely new way! She is our little miracle
and we just love her to pieces!


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