Memorial Day Fashion For The Family🇺🇸

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some great fashions for the upcoming holiday. Memorial Day is this weekend and most of us will be with family and friends and I wanted to give you some ideas of some outfits you can put together for the family! All these fashion pieces are from Target and the links are attached to each section. 
I also want to note that my husband and I are both from military families so we want to make sure to celebrate all those who have served and the brave women and men who are still serving!

Let's get to the fashion!

Hope You All Have A Great Holiday!

See You Friday for Favorites!



Kids (Girls)
Look at this adorable popsicle dress for girls, of course I found this at TARGET!
I definitely need to pick this up for Lilly for the holiday and for the summer months.

Kids (Boys) via Target
Now I know that there always seems to be more clothes for girls
than boys but look how stylish this outfit is...

Women via Target
I am loving this dress for the holiday and for the summer. It is simple,
yet cute! I believe it's also on sale for 13 bucks!

Men via Target
The men section is another that comes very limited in my opinion but 
this is something my husband would rock for the holiday and the summer!


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