The Bachelorette Premier and My Top Pics🌹

Well this season is going to be intense! What did all of you think of the first episode? I first want to say how wonderful it is to see "Rachel" as the new Bachelorette! She is smart, funny, and so beautiful and I really hope she finds love this time around. Anyways, lets talk about the episode! First let's discuss Lucas, this guy is so annoying and I'm not sure if I can take him all season but I feel like producers will want to keep him around for ratings, we shall see! What did you guys think of him?

I thought the guys that she chose were all pretty decent but I do have my pics for Rachel!

Who are your favorites?? Well each week I will be doing a blog post on my thoughts so I would love if you guys joined in and we can discuss the show together as HUGE #BachelorNation Fans!



1. Peter

2. Kenny

3. Eric


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