Friday Favorites✏️

Hey Guys! Happy Friday! Today I have some great Back To School Favorites! I know here in Upstate NY schools have a couple more weeks left but there are areas that are already back into the swing of things, including my nephew and brother, Good Luck Jackson and Henry! I found some really great favorites that I hope you enjoy and maybe would like to try with your kiddos!

Have a great weekend!

Good Luck to all the kids starting!

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Favorite Lunch Box via Target

Favorite Sandwich via KidsActivitiesBlog

Favorite Notebooks via Target

Favorite Website
This website has amazing activities and resources for pictures, recipes, and activites!

Favorite End of the Day Snack
Providing a Yogurt Bar for your kiddos for the end of the day is a great way to boost their spirits
after a long first day! Just provide plain yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and some fun toppings!


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